Does Your Factory Need a Security Guard?


black ace security guard When you are the owner of the Factory then it is your duty as well as the responsibility to secure your employees and building from any mishappening. The same responsibilities belong to the Factory manager or any higher authority person. There are some safety and security measurements that you can take like installing clear signage, training your employees to use equipment properly, or installing security cameras. But still, there is a clear need for a person who can secure your factory. Which is a well trained security guard who can lively petrol your manufacturing [...]

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What Number of Security Officers Do You Need?


How many security officers do you need to hire? Your situation is often better with multiple officers, as they can assist each other if they need to and will be able to cover more ground. On the other hand, if you do not predict needing to have multiple officers, you might be able to get away with just one. When are you more likely to need multiple officers? When Security Officers Have a Lot of Space to Cover Regardless of how competent and efficient a security officer is, they cannot be two places at once. If a property [...]

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3 Types of Businesses With Specific Security Needs | Blackacegroup


Crime is a concern for all businesses and organizations, but some might be more aware of the threat than others. Businesses still need to protect their property, inventory, and employees, especially if they have industry-specific concerns to think about. Learn about three kinds of businesses that have special security concerns and how security services can address them. 1. Hospitals Hospitals have several unique security concerns. Not only are they constantly full of busy people, both medical providers and patients, but hospitals also tend to see people at their worst. Distressed patients and sometimes family members can cause harm [...]

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