Crime is a concern for all businesses and organizations, but some might be more aware of the threat than others. Businesses still need to protect their property, inventory, and employees, especially if they have industry-specific concerns to think about.

Learn about three kinds of businesses that have special security concerns and how security services can address them.

1. Hospitals

Hospitals have several unique security concerns. Not only are they constantly full of busy people, both medical providers and patients, but hospitals also tend to see people at their worst. Distressed patients and sometimes family members can cause harm to medical professionals, either accidentally or intentionally, or they can cause a public scene.

Other specific concerns have to do with the contents of hospitals. Medical facilities are stocked with prescription medications and drugs, which some people might try to steal. Infant abductions are also a concern.

Hospitals often deal with these concerns by implementing strict security measures, like announcing color codes to indicate a specific threat. Personnel can then take action to address the threat. Other security measures can include round-the-clock monitoring of infant rooms, pharmacies, and storage areas.

Security guards are also helpful in preventing incidents. Guards can monitor entry points and public areas to assess and mitigate potential threats, as well as handle any incidents that do happen.

2. Commercial Parking Lots

Commercial parking lots face a host of security risks, and more than 10 percent of property crimes happen in parking lots. During busy hours, lots are full of vehicles and their owners. Anything from attempted property theft to violent altercations can occur. Even when the lots are less busy, perhaps outside operating hours, burglars can try to steal cars, or illicit transactions can take place.

The sheer size of commercial parking lots also presents problems. If the lot belongs to a large price club or mall, businesses can struggle to monitor the entire lot with just cameras. Insufficient lighting from lampposts can make surveillance even more difficult at night. Multi-story lots in urban areas or around airports can also be difficult to monitor by camera alone.

Security services can address some of these concerns with more involved security measures. Guards can patrol lots during both peak and quiet hours to deter burglars, and they can also provide better surveillance than cameras at night, especially in areas with poor lighting.

3. Event Centers

Event centers can host everything from business gatherings to conventions to concerts. This means that when event centers are often swarming with people, which can make security difficult to handle. If the center is full to capacity, the crowds can be dense, and CCTV might not be able to view enough detail for personnel to distinguish threats or suspicious individuals in time.

Additionally, if the center is especially busy, guests might wander toward unauthorized areas; also, if the event is ticketed, people without tickets can try to enter the building if ticket checkers are overwhelmed with attendees. Even the threat of terrorist acts is a concern.

Strong security services can make a huge difference in dealing with and even preventing incidents in event centers. The presence of security guards throughout the center and at elevated areas can deter troublemakers from causing a scene. Guards can stand at entry points with ticket checkers to deter freeloaders and check bags for weapons or other terrorist threats.

Businesses are unique, which means they have unique security concerns. Combat these issues with help from an experienced security firm. At Trident Security, we have the experience and expertise to handle every specific threat your business faces. Contact us today to discuss security measures for your business.

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