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What Number of Security Officers Do You Need?

February 10th, 2020|

How many security officers do you need to hire? Your situation is often better with multiple officers, as they can assist each other if they need to and will be able to cover more ground. On the other hand, if you do not predict needing to have multiple officers, you might be able to get away with just one.

When are you more likely to need multiple officers?

When Security Officers Have a Lot of Space to Cover

Regardless of how competent and efficient a security officer is, they cannot be two places at once. If a property or event has more space to cover than a single person reliably could, have multiple officers. While you do not need an officer at every location all the time, the officers should at least be able to patrol the entirety of the area in a reasonable amount of time.

That way, if anything serious does happen, then the security officers can respond quickly.

When Security Officers Need to Provide Customer Service

Security officers are not always just security officers. Often, security officers are seen as general figures of authority. Security officers will often help people find items, help people with directions, and generally provide customer service tasks. And, of course, a good security officer will usually provide help. Frequently, security officers may need to call the police or an ambulance.

However, a security officer cannot provide help if they still need to prioritize the security of the venue. If you have multiple security officers, then it will make this easier for security officers to complete other, necessary tasks while the area is still secure.

When Eyewitnesses May Be Important

For businesses concerned about crimes, having multiple security officers is important. Eyewitness testimony can be difficult to get from even the best, most trained individuals. Having multiple eyewitnesses makes it far more likely that a criminal will be caught.

When Valuable Items Are Being Transported

The more valuable the items being transported or otherwise secured are, the more officers you should generally have. Consider a charity auction of antiques: this type of event should have several officers because expensive items are on display. Comparatively, an event like a large picnic is likely to have fewer items that people can potentially steal.

Your security officer company can advise you as to the amount of officers you might need, based on risk factors (such as the layout of the location) and the distance of any transported items.

When a Lot of People Are Present

Large events usually need multiple officers. Generally, you should have one officer for every 75 to 150 people. You should have more if you have a particularly rowdy event, such as a sports event. Even the best officers won’t be able to reliably control a very large group of people.

When large events take place, the most important factor for security officers is visibility. People need to know that someone with authority watches over them, in order to feel that the location is secure. Consequently, you should have at least enough security officers that they are readily noticeable, even in a crowd, and that someone can find them if help is needed.

Of course, times exist for when you may need only a single officer. The lobby of a hotel, a small business, or a small event (such as a wedding) may only need a single officer. It depends completely on your needs. To get a consultation, contact Trident Security today. We will happily go over your specific security officer needs for your situation and answer any questions you may have.

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