Does Your Factory Need a Security Guard?


black ace security guard When you are the owner of the Factory then it is your duty as well as the responsibility to secure your employees and building from any mishappening. The same responsibilities belong to the Factory manager or any higher authority person. There are some safety and security measurements that you can take like installing clear signage, training your employees to use equipment properly, or installing security cameras. But still, there is a clear need for a person who can secure your factory. Which is a well trained security guard who can lively petrol your manufacturing [...]

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What Number of Security Officers Do You Need?


How many security officers do you need to hire? Your situation is often better with multiple officers, as they can assist each other if they need to and will be able to cover more ground. On the other hand, if you do not predict needing to have multiple officers, you might be able to get away with just one. When are you more likely to need multiple officers? When Security Officers Have a Lot of Space to Cover Regardless of how competent and efficient a security officer is, they cannot be two places at once. If a property [...]

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3 Types of Businesses With Specific Security Needs | Blackacegroup


Crime is a concern for all businesses and organizations, but some might be more aware of the threat than others. Businesses still need to protect their property, inventory, and employees, especially if they have industry-specific concerns to think about. Learn about three kinds of businesses that have special security concerns and how security services can address them. 1. Hospitals Hospitals have several unique security concerns. Not only are they constantly full of busy people, both medical providers and patients, but hospitals also tend to see people at their worst. Distressed patients and sometimes family members can cause harm [...]

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7 Security Mistakes to Avoid at Your Gated Community | blackacegroup


Security is an essential concern for prospective residents of a gated community. An effective security system is what attracts and retains residents. Be aware of and avoid security mistakes at your gated community to keep your community as attractive as possible to new residents. Below are seven security mistakes to avoid to protect both your residents and your reputation. Unsecured Entries Don’t overlook any entry to your gated community. Simply putting a gate in place is not enough to secure an entry point. Sophisticated burglars can manipulate electronically controlled gates. If a gate is your only security protection, [...]

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Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service as a Security Officer | Blackacegroup


While it’s important to remain serious and professional in tough situations, coming across as unapproachable or disinterested can make your job harder if customers perceive you as unfriendly or unhelpful. Focusing on your customer service skills increases customer satisfaction and makes work a pleasant place to be. Here are four ways you can provide excellent customer service. Make a Good First Impression Whether it’s over the phone or in person, security officers are often the first point of contact a customer has with a business. Greet every customer in a friendly, pleasant way. Give customers your name during [...]

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Difference Between Armed v/s Unarmed security guards | Blackacegroup


When you visit to a mall, bank, museum, you surely would have see security guards, however have you ever noticed that the gap in between armed and unarmed. The gap moves beyond simple weapon accreditation. These security defenders are different from one another but we haven't detected it. Armed Security Guards: These types of guards, mostly work for private Firms and also these guards are intelligent and well trained for every best to worst conditions.  Many famous assemblies like “Hart security, control risks, secure west international”, etc. contribute 100% trained and protective defenders. Many of these trained guards [...]

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PSO – Personal Security Services in Ludhiana, Punjab | India


Blackace group recruits Every Personal Security officer after complete verification, experience check and validation of all documents. In today’s world we need quality protection and safety in case of any unwarranted situation. Safety when traveling, attending events , marriages, social functions, celebrations. For all these situations we need protection and safety from most trusted sources. Blackace group Services provides Personal Security officers / Bodyguards for your protection. We have an office in ludhiana , but we have been providing security personnel to various companies all around India specifically in Punjab – Chandigarh, Amritsar, Mohali, jalandhar  and many more Blackace group ensure [...]

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Security Guard Services in Ludhiana, Punjab | blackacegroup


What You Should Know Before Hiring Security Guard Recent years have witnessed an increased number of burglaries in residential and commercial spaces. Many residents and business owners are hiring security guards to help keep their family and business spaces safe. Advantages of hiring a security guard You will be relieved from the constant pressure of worrying about safety CCTV cameras are not enough. Such a camera can record an event, but the security guards can take the necessary action as and when required. Keeping track of who goes in and out, trespassers becomes more effortless. In case of [...]

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Hiring a Security Guard Can Save You Money


Hiring a Security Guard Can Save You Money Security is one of the most complicated and critical forms of security to implement. Every sites are dynamic and ever-changing places where traditional forms of security and surveillance often fall short. During the day they are busy and dangerous places to be, with many potential safety issues at hand. And during the night they are often abandoned and vacant of activity, making them ripe targets for intruders and criminals. Whether you are the owner of a company, a business owner with an interest current under construction, or a security manager in charge [...]

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Does My Business Need a Security Guard?


Does My Business Need a Security Guard? Do you own or manage a business? Maybe you’re just one person in a team of owners or managers trying to take care of a business or commercial interest, or maybe you’re the sole proprietor of a thriving corporate franchise. Securing a business is a foundational concern, as no business can take place if there are security threats or dangers threatening operations. When security comes first, a business can safely thrive in every way. You’ve probably considered every sort of security strategy, and you may already be implementing some of them in your [...]

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