When you visit to a mall, bank, museum, you surely would have see security guards, however have you ever noticed that the gap in between armed and unarmed. The gap moves beyond simple weapon accreditation. These security defenders are different from one another but we haven’t detected it.

Armed Security Guards:

These types of guards, mostly work for private Firms and also these guards are intelligent and well trained for every best to worst conditions.  Many famous assemblies like “Hart security, control risks, secure west international”, etc. contribute 100% trained and protective defenders. Many of these trained guards are retired, injured or court marshaled jawans  from military services. These Jawans have huge opportunities for getting jobs in these fields. Like other professions, these guards also require some specific criteria.

If you are a fresher in the field of armed security guard job, you must be 18+, containing a high school degree, free of any criminal record. There are many agencies that require your degree in criminal justice. Even some agencies also require good communication skills in English or sometimes in a particular language. A unique language might also be provided to you for some extra benefits, when on an international level.

But these extra benefits initiates from training which is tough, just like sitting on a goblet of fire. A wide variety of training programs are available for this profession. These programs are usually introduced by some special type of agencies, coaching’s, scout schools and colleges. Also, a perfect guard must have these qualities:

The frequent response to an emergency.

Crime prevention


Proper knowledge of operation and maintenance of security equipment

Even sometimes, it is preferable that you know how to deal with minimal situations like security breaches, crowd control, vandalism etc.

An ideal guard must be loyal and faithful to his company and it will always beneficial to him, but sometimes, you must have to break some laws only and only if they are in the favor of your agency.

Certificates and completion of course:

As soon as your course of security guard training gets complete, your first step is to get certification and licensure. You’ll have to pass many tests like background test, drug or nicotine test, eye test, etc. Even, you must have a police official certification for your resume and other future benefits. You may also require having CPR/AED and proper First aid training as well. Moreover, a good body maintenance is your first necessity. In addition to security guard certificate and police official license, you’ll also need to have the permit to carry ammunition or firearms. If you are related with an agency than most probably your job will vary from state to state, so always check and have a contact with your state department.

Unarmed Security Guards:

The unarmed security guards are totally different from armed ones as they are most likely hired by individuals for protection of property and themselves. An unarmed security guard also contains basic revolvers or pistols but approx. 99% of them are illegal or uncertified. They don’t always have a particular type of work i.e. they are hired for various tasks varying from situation to situation.

These types of guards may or may not have a high school diploma because it doesn’t affect their job. Most of them have the diploma in GED and their police records sometimes matters and sometimes it doesn’t because it solely depends upon the agency. Mostly, the get local jobs in banks, museums, malls etcetera as their international opportunities are less as compare to armed guards but they have their own importance. They don’t make criminal issues easily. So many local business organisations have more interests in them, but if in any case, they have certifications of professional skills like judo, karate, taekwondo from a well-known institute, it will provide them great extraordinary benefits at international level with a huge pay scale. If these guys get some special training, then they will be tough too but not comparable to armed ones. They roughly go through 40 hours of training and they can begin with 8 hours a day and they can have 6 months for completion for the remaining 32 hours training. But these guards are said to be ideal if they

Have an appropriate response to critical situations

Good local contacts

Report writing

Have crime prevention and good settlement techniques

For certification of your unarmed security guard training one also has to complete the course of ‘Power to arrest’.

These guards require to train and get certified in AED or may have certificates in CRP and general First aid techniques.

Hence, it is a never-ending debate which will never conclude. So, both security guards have their own values which depend upon demanding circumstances.

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