Hiring Standards

Our Approach

Dedicated to Excellence

Our clients have always said our results oriented approach and professional yet friendly staff is what sets Black Ace apart from our competitors. The staple of our business is based on a combination of things and it all starts with our quality people, top of the line training, customer service, innovation and state of the art technology.

Our People

A well-trained employee is a credit to our company and our clients

Basing the anticipated wage rates at an attractive level helps a company attract and retain highly motivated dedicated personnel.

Our recruiting methods are quite innovative and work very well. We recruit our staff from various sources, including but not limited to, Ex-servicemen, Ex cops, qualified trained staff from other companies, and various types of private and Government Job banks who refer us staff on daily basis. We pick and choose the staff and recruit them upon they passing our qualification test. The staff qualification test is designed by highly qualified professionals who play a big role in shaping the future of security industry in this country. The individuals who fail the staff qualification test and still wish to opt for security as their carrier, have to go through specialized training until they become qualified by passing the same exam

Black Ace places great emphasis on hiring good people and providing them with the very best training available.

Our turnover ratio is one of the lowest in the security industry. We pay our personnel slightly more than most security companies, and we provide more training. We demand more from our officers, and we provide a stable work environment with the potential for additional training and advancement within our company.

We provide professional looking Uniforms and top quality state of the art Equipment to our personnel. Black Ace provides a full range of Performance Specific Training both as a requirement for employment and in addition to periodic refresher training and new information so that our personnel can perform their duties in a superior manner.

Black Ace performs a full background investigation, including but not limited to criminal records check, state records check for every state the applicant has lived in during the last 5 years, and local police records check for every town the applicant has lived in for the last 5 years. We ask for two IDs, one being a photo ID. We will contact and request a rating from every previous employer for the last 10 years. We also look for any unexplained gaps in employment history. We require a minimum of three, non-family personal references for additional investigation leads. We keep all these records in our electronic database that is saved on highly secured servers and backed up at 3 locations for efficient record keeping.

Black Ace uses a wide range of screening tests and methods. We check all references and previous employers. We require drug screening as a condition of employment, and may require a physical examination based on the client’s contract requirements.

Our Training

Setting Tomorrow’s Standards Today

Black Ace Security Services has contracted with two of authorized training schools based out of Chandigarh and Mohali. The qualified training instructors from these schools come onsite to train the staff. They also update our security personnel with the latest government and industry regulations. Our training includes extensive X-ray imaging of improvised explosive devices, firearms, artfully designed weapons and all other prohibited items. This training allows our staff abreast of the changes that are in compliance with the Industry.

Why Black Ace is Unique- Specialized Hiring Procedures
We are very committed to hiring only the very best; we provide professional looking Uniforms and top quality state of the art Equipment to our personnel. We provide a full range of Performance Specific Training both as a requirement for employment and in addition to periodic refresher training and new information so that our personnel can perform their duties in a superior manner. A well-trainedprofessional employee is a credit to the company and our clients.

State of the Art Technology and Industry Proven Leaders put Black Ace Trainees in a Class of Their Own.
Black Ace Security Services maintains an extremely detailed hiring procedure for all security officers. Our process includes drug testing, in-house background checks, verification of previous employment, education, home address, and other credentials. Also required are knowledge and language tests, and a safety and general orders orientation thatdepend upon the client where the Guards are placed.

All Black Ace Security personnel receive thorough training in security basics such as access control, loss prevention, emergency protocol, first aid, investigative reporting, and other specific security and safety issues specific to each clients’ facility. In addition, many Black Ace Service Contracts also include trained personnel to provide these value-added services:

  • EMTs / CFRs
  • Switchboard coverage
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Scalehouse Operation
  • Criminal Investigations

Our Management Support

The company uses a Centralized Management Style, with all Accounting, Payroll, and Data System controls located in the Corporate Headquarters. All Contract Quality Control is centralized with site responsibility delegated to the Site Manager, but overall control and responsibility remains at the corporate level. Site Managers are given the responsibility to hire personnel as required to meet the needs of the local contracts. Disciplinary action up to the termination of employees is handled at the local level, but the hiring and firing decision is made at Corporate, to ensure that the company does not have problems with state Labor Departments, and to avoid wrongful termination suits from terminated employees. Original Personnel Files are maintained at Corporate Headquarters in electronic form.

All Site Managers are on the corporate e-mail system which provides us with instantaneous communications between corporate and all levels of management. Centralized Control of all Administrative Functions allows us to exercise better control over all Contract Compliance Issues, and to ensure that all of our employees are current in all areas of Background Investigations, Licensing, Weapons Qualifications, Training, Certifications, and Security Clearances.

Quality Control Management
Black Ace Security Services employs a full-time official to handle quality assurance. We have a Quality Control Manager who has outstanding credentials in Operations and Client Relations within the contract security industry. Each client has a distinct set of requirements that must be followed. Our supervisors will, upon their inspections, complete an evaluation for each officer for each facility a minimum of once a quarter. He then reviews these reports on a regular basis.

Also our quality assurance manager periodically visits all of our clients and inquires as to our quality services. This method complete with regular evaluation reports greatly allows us in maintaining the level of service we mutually desire. Each category of the performance standards will be addressed. Obviously, field level management cannot evaluate some categories and items. The appropriate site managers will complete each category as their responsibilities indicate. Please see our evaluation document example.

Our Statewide Support

Our statewide coverage supplied by us and our affiliates, serves the needs of clients across Punjab. Over the years, our companies have grown and evolved to become a model for delivering security services.

Our service model provides for developing and implementing services that complement and enhances each specific organization. More than just marketing, sales or transition leaders, these organizations engage in ongoing account development including facilitating the sharing of best practices; developing value-added service strategies targeted specifically for that industry segment; and assuring consistency and standardization of services across the entire state.

Many clients are expanding and expect their security services to expand with them. To meet this type of growth expectations of our clients, we have partnerships with our affiliates all across the state to assist our clients in their expansion.