Shopping Centres

At Shopping Centers, Malls, Lifestyle Centers, Standalone Stores and Sports Centers you would like a security provider who is an expert in handling the unique challenges of your industry… We are your shopping mall security specialists. Black Ace Security Services offers uniformed security guards to a various clientele like yours because the mall requires a special quite security services altogether.

Black Ace Security uniformed officers will help you ensure better safety and security of your people and assets, ultimately protecting the integrity of your organization’s reputation and operations.

Black Ace Security can provide you with the most efficient and effective protection for your shopping center. Why? Market Expertise.

  • Employing capable and experienced professionals at all levels.
  • Our emergency response planning systems, training and live drills.
  • Our experience and organizational knowledge regarding effective strategies and interventions to remedy serious security related conditions.
  • Our experience and total organizational engagement in response to extreme events – natural disaster, violent mass crime, weather related emergencies and even public relations related issues.